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FR379 Welfare

FR379 Welfare

one to make you shiver!  3rd november 1979, the other boat is the nordic prince which had heard the mayday call and steamed in, 4 crew in the raft, 2 still in the sea, but all six were taken aboard.

    It was shown on the Kevin Costner film The Guardian as well ,my mate was aboard the Iconu when she went up and him and the old man both said it was something they never want to go through again luckily in the old mans boat there were no casualties
    aye he got a bravery award. it was on that tv program 999. showed all the footage from the helicopter. they could do f*ck all for fear of gettin thier wire tangled in the rigging. it was blowin a hooly.

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 13 2009 11:47 PM
    Aye it was some footage that, could only imagine what the crew on the Be Ready were going through, fair play to the Mizpah lads for doin what they did.
    all of the boys survived :) no injuries???
    think they reckoned the temp was in 4 figures Celsius
    Was it not someting like 1800 degrees celsius or something remember seeing the whole video of the Be Ready when I was aboard the Endevour PD and Ellis was taking turns wi Chat for skippering

    Jul 04 2009 01:11 PM
    I googled it and got this link


    Adoration II
    Jul 04 2009 04:37 PM
    that must a been so scary watchin boat go down right next 2 u in water
    the guy in the water next to the prop is jimmy thomson. "wiver" skipper of the minerva fr147
    A miracle. Jimmy told me he was so near the turning prop. that he just kicked his legs. He touched either the foot of the rudder or the keel. That got him away from the prop. For real "life and death" drama, some picture. Someone getting hauled aboard raft, Jimmy near the screw, Nordic Prince's crew in the process of rescuing men alongside!!