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FR379 Welfare

FR379 Welfare

one to make you shiver!  3rd november 1979, the other boat is the nordic prince which had heard the mayday call and steamed in, 4 crew in the raft, 2 still in the sea, but all six were taken aboard.

    young ronnie
    Jan 12 2009 08:38 PM
    I was only once alongside another boat(a 37ft steel boat)when she put her arse to the sky like that and took her final plunge,and it wasn't a nice sight to see.Thankfully like this one there was no loss of life and that's the main thing.I do know this much,I wouldn't want to see it again.
    Aye, fair made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end when I first saw it.  not natural and not something you want to witness
    Even worse is when you are in the raft and looking at it at water level without a mayday getting put out

    Jan 13 2009 09:26 PM
    a worse one again willie, the irish trawler75` eilis anne had an engine room fire, by the time they knew something was wrong it was to late-no electric power (days before battery boxes) they opened the engine room door which was in the galley once it got the air it went absolutely wild- in minutes the wheel house and galley were an inferno-and the rafts on the galley roof. they were down on the smalls and no boats visible and it wasn`t long before she started to sink-no mayday no liferafts-nothing. the boys abandoned her with the life rings and pound boards to keep them floating-luckily for them there was a big frog over the horizon seen the smoke and knew something serious had happened (as there was no distress call) as far as i can remember she slipped her gear and steamed and managed to find the boys badly shaken, still clinging to the wreckage-but none the worse for their ordeal-lucky lads.
    The old mans last FR reg trawlewr Hamnavoe had a fire that they fought for 10 hours before losing the vessel got their mayday out and raft launched  just but was picked up by a Norwegian purser

    Jan 13 2009 09:44 PM
    no laughing matter at sea- a frightening thing-mind the footage of the boys on the be ready!
    fire at sea is probably the worst out of the lot. the skipper of the be ready was in my first aid class at the college. (ellis fullerton) he was tellin me the full story about that night. fearsome heat. shoes melted to the deck. burns all over despite the wind and spray. fair play to the mizpah skipper he saved those boys lives. some boat handling that night
    did the mizpah skipper no get a bravery award for that nicky
    rem seeing it on a video think it was saftey awarness and it looked awful
    the eng was still running when they towed her in
    aye think he did get a bravery award right enough. seen the vid too on the safety course. i thought she was still towing when they went back out to her. ?
    the spare net was melted to the stern