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St. Adrian KY 245

St. Adrian KY 245

The First St Adrian KY 245 Being Constructed At Campbeltown Shipyard For D.tod,Anstruther In 1970.She Was The Second Vessel Built By The Yard.She Is Still Fishing As Euphemia K 92.She Was The First Vessel Ever Built To Have Her Deck Layout Centered Around A Net Drum.

Some Names
Ann Elizabeth KY 245
Ann Elizabeth LH 92
Ann Elizabeth DE 14
Euphemia KY 191
Euphemia K 92

    Kevin Munro
    Mar 14 2009 08:31 PM
    Hi John, any idea if she was built with a bow thruster? She was on the beach in Lochinver getting her prop changed on wednesday, theres a hole right forrad that i can only think would have at one time been a bow thruster, she also has a stearable nozzle,
    don't know ill check my book!
    got a fixed kort nozzle all i can see on plans
    david todd is on here he wil be able to enlighten us
    "yesterdays man"

    Yesterdays man
    Mar 15 2009 08:09 PM
    The St Adrian never had a bow thruster, but I had the tube fitted with the intention of fitting one latter. There were none on the market which would suit at the time.My previous boat would not come round when towing in a strong wind,as it turned out it was not necessary due to nozzle and bigger horse power. The light colour is zinc spraying which was also new in this country.
    setting the standards for others to follow davi :woodenspoon:

    king pin R018
    Mar 15 2009 11:19 PM
    nice depth on her and with that nozzle bet she towed like a train  ;D :woodenspoon:

    quiet waters
    Mar 16 2009 07:07 AM
    i remember her being built fine, had a few visits to see her with the old man, who i can only surmise had been considering getting one built himself, don't know what changed his mind seeing as number three was built for one of his crew, archie "cubbie" galbraith's Aquarius, i remember her b etter than the arrow which was first built.