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Holborn Head Lighthouse

Holborn Head Lighthouse

    Hi Kev

    Good test of your white balance  O0


    Steve E.

    ross farquhar
    Feb 20 2009 09:20 PM
    did u get ur passport stamped when u were in gods country kev O0 O0

    Kevin Munro
    Feb 20 2009 09:22 PM
    Only let us in coz i said i knew u Ross, O0
    gods country mair like e**ehole o the world lol  O0 cracker o a foto though Kev

    young ronnie
    Feb 21 2009 05:22 PM
    The old story aboot the foreign tourist in the Western Isles who told a local that the place was "the arse*ole of the earth". The wee islander said "I take it that you are chust passing through then?"