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Pleiades BF 155

Pleiades  BF 155

    Young Knoxy
    Feb 23 2009 09:15 PM
    cant get her on the fleet register either any help  :uglystupid2:
    the registe has down the caledonia which was the boat they had before they got this one and obviously the register is out of date this time

    Young Knoxy
    Feb 23 2009 09:29 PM
    i was thinking that it was maybe out of date
    knoxy tyr the parkol website utututut you are going to get demoted boy just no good
    Length Overall            18.50 metres  
    Length Register  16.49 metres  
    Breadth moulded 6.40 metres  
    Depth moulded  3.70 metres  
    Fuel capacity (approx) 10,000 litres  
    Fresh water capacity  4,000 litres  
    Vivier gross volume (approx) 38,000 litres

    all the info i could on parkols site
    Think Parkol have their info wrong there unless they put the vivier in without telling anyone.
    fuel must be wrong aswell 10,000 liters ats nicks