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Julian and Margaret Leonard.

Julian and Margaret Leonard.

Lochinver Lifeboat

(first try at night time photography)

    Obviously came oot o the Culag at a decent oor, a things in focus, hope you used a tripod.
    Hi Kevin

    Good shot - taking photographs of any vessel on the water is difficult owing to the constant movement.

    Photographs of vessels on the move at night are very rare but can be achieved if there is plenty of illumination - I've seen some good examples of ships at night as they go through the locks on the North Sea Canal - that is owing to the lights at the locks which give the illumination.

    Night photography is very 'hitty missy' and its often a case of experimentation with the use of differing exposure times etc. But hey, at least with digital a frame that doesn't work out can be deleted so experimentation is not expensive - unlike in the 'olden days' when I used to take night time shots of architecture etc using 35mm - a 'cocked up' shot in those days cost real money  ;D


    Steve E.