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Dawn Pearl back in the water

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  • Uploaded: Apr 01 2012 06:56 PM
  • Camera: Research In Motion BlackBerry 9300
  • Taken: 2012:03:31 14:46:22
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  • Category: Scotland
Dawn Pearl back in the water

This is why wooden boats should stay in their natural element - next winter she stays in the water

    Hi Angus

    Where is that lot coming in?, is she sealing up any yet?


    Angus Grant
    Apr 02 2012 04:00 AM
    Mostly around the seams on the turn of the bilge aft of the concrete ballast. However after 24 hours it is now down to weeping as opposed to a waterfall. I am always impressed how quickly a boat takes up. When she was lowered in the two pumps were not keeping up and she needed to be lifted a bit with the crane. Within 30 minutes the pumps were keepng pace and within 2 hours I was down to one pump.
    That's great, just so long as there wasn't a plug you left out