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Diane Maxwell BH 152

Diane Maxwell   BH 152

    looks like the dianna maxwell
    Diane Maxwell  BH.152  ex- SN.107
    wots this 1 up 2 now strange set up it had trawling.basic but easy looking
    was this the winch aft o the w/h set up you mean??? think she went on fire did she no
    aye winch and rollers aft of wheelhouse very unusual but looked like it would do the business.
    she was built with the combined net drum/winch. it must work well as she is a few years old now and they have never changed it.
    New Venture went on fire JJ , same style think a sister to this vessel , but on the way back after returning to the Broch
    didna ken there was two o these style boats beedster
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