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Aeolus BA 808

Aeolus BA 808

on the slip

    Nice paint job James  :)


    Steve E.

    Barry McCrindle
    Nov 28 2008 07:47 PM
    Only reason it's neat, is because they wouldn't give him a brush or a roller or anything he could possibly do any damage with
    thanks steve
    this was 07 try and get a pic of her every year to make sure i am doing my job properly but if i really admit it the time this was took we just put the boat to the yard and said here get on with it lol

    dad does the graining on the wheelhouse all by hand with a cloth no fancy combs just brush on the scumble and drag with cloth he has done a few down our way the true token  jubilee star the ocean maid which will be getting redone it is now 3 yr the silver lining iii and the remebrance
    No nozzle Jammy!!

    Unusual not to have one these days, people used to moan they slowed some boats down too much, most of this class seem top have them, speed not being the forte of the U10m
    most fun i had painting that boat was the year we got a spray gun came out the fishroom like a ghost heheheheheh
    shes an under 12 dazzer 11yr old now we didnt want a nozzle at the time for steering but ian paton assured us she would have no problem steering and true to the mans word she is first class

    the yard wanted 7g for a nozzle so it got put on the back burner

    homeward bound
    Nov 28 2008 08:00 PM
    does the yard still put the numbers on before you start, 1=black  2=white  3=red  etc !!!!
    naw daddy does that for me hehehehheehehehehe :) :P :P :D :P ;D ;D ;D

    homeward bound
    Nov 28 2008 08:06 PM
    you cost me dearly last week jj !!!
    how that my dear duck man