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Sophie Louise SSS678 on MacKays slip

Sophie Louise SSS678 on MacKays slip

Painting on a Saturday afternoon.....!

    Thats the pride of the tyne..............SOPHIE LOUISE  SSS678,  BIG JOB WI A 2" BRUSH MAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRA................ ;) ;) ;)

    Will taylor
    Aug 19 2011 11:03 AM
    Thanks for the information, Dogsbody. Title changed.

    young ronnie
    Aug 19 2011 01:30 PM
    On a 50 footer years ago you could get most of the topsides done standing on a fishbox...changed days now ;)

    Will taylor
    Aug 19 2011 01:33 PM
    You still shrinking then Ronnie? Lol.
    ;) ;) ;)
    were still there till 7.30 on sat   and 5.30 on sunday ....time meens nowt wen ye wana get the job done
    Contageous springs to mind, !!!!!!!! It'll take that contageous to finish painting those topsides. ;) ;)
    hungry fucka springs to my mind ;) ;) :- i think he was worried he wud loose his guard job  thats wot i think ;) ;)
    It's a different ball game when the bills hit the floor with your name on them Billy  ;)
    wen u do a job do it proply billy boy ..dont bodge it and scarper
    wot bills are you talking about paul you divint get any in sunderland and if you did you wudnt fecking pay them anyway hahaha cummon its me ya talking too  And you Mr Dickinson im not saying you dont do the job right coz you do nobodys slagging you off now calm doon bonny lad