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50 odd stone bulk of pure root!!

50 odd stone bulk of pure root!!

Hopper full aboard the Kaylana SY21. Prawns were absolute poor quality and needless to say not a lot came out of it and one crewman jacked in.........for a couple of days!!

    young ronnie
    Nov 23 2008 03:56 PM
    I've heard tell that there was a skipper in Tarbert who would have cleared that lot off the deck in less than 10 minutes wi' a shovel lol...dunno if that wee story was true...over to you John Tar.
    Iz this what the fishing has come to, glad l away from it !
    Amity FruitfulBOUGH and others of that spec fishing down at May island  at the minute . 1  landed 100 whole and 90  boxes tails for 3 days every picture tells a story . South Firth men neutered this fishery for yrs till the greedy men with more shares than woolies came along.Wiped out in a couple o yr.

    young ronnie
    Jul 28 2012 02:34 PM
    The South Firth fishing was fine for years Freddy until the men brought back yon nasty contagious West Coast disease called tailing,and the rest as they say is history lol.As for 100 of live and 90 boxes(360 stone?)of tails...bloody hell,that's some shot by any standard...be gey sair fingers and heavy eyelids aboard that yin come landing time! Gonnae be a short lived fishing I'm thinking.
    there has been 30 of these hoovers working there since last friday.
    doing 3 days then running up to fraserburgh and peterhead to land.
    then back down again.
    if theyre all catching the same kind of shots. thats some ammount of prawns taken away. and theyre still there.
    once it gets down to10 bxs of whole and a few boxes of tails ,they will move on. that shouldn`t take long.

    young ronnie
    Jul 28 2012 03:28 PM
    As the soap manufacturer said...that's life boy.
    A lot o the men in the south firth have downsized  boats and hp to make there local fishing more sustainable to sit back and watch these twin riggers tear up there grounds .ONE boat ONE net quotas on gear size .
    well said .one boat one net .END OFF.