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Leander INS 72

Leander  INS 72

    thanks kevin, do you know when and where the photo was taken,

    Kevin Munro
    Jun 13 2010 10:56 PM
    Its in Aberdeen, i was told when it was taken but i cant remember, if ye notice she has a blue band round her which was normally yellow, this was changed when a member of the family died, so it was worked back from there as to when it was taken, ill ask my uncle thomson, he will remember.
    Looks like Aberdeen
    mid to late 60s going by the radar I would say Kev
    Interesting your comment on blue band, that was the custom down here in fife, even away back to the sailing boat times, thanks for that !

    Kevin Munro
    Jun 13 2010 11:05 PM
    Spooky that ane wull, must o hit enter at exactly the same second,lol.