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Aoka Mizu

Aoka Mizu

    Hi Kev

    Found this piece of information on the net @ http://www.bluewater...kaMizu_FPSO.pdf


    Bluewater is utilising the FPSO Aoka Mizu for the project, which has undergone an extensive conversion programme. Bluewater’s FPSO Aoka Mizu was built in Japan and further completed including accomodations, topsizes and disconnectable turret mooring systems in Singapore. The fleet was completed in Singapore.

    The first contract for Aoka Mizu operates in the Ettrick field, located in the Outer Moray Firth about 120 km Northeast of Aberdeen in blocks 20/2a and 20/3a.

    Length 248.12 meters
    Breadth moulded 42 meters
    Depth moulded 21.2 meters
    Draft, design + scantling 14.9 meters
    Dead weight tonnage 105,000 dwt
    Deck area 7,985 m2
    Topsides area 6,000 m2
    Deck payload 7,000 tonnes
    Accommodation 84 persons


    Steve E.

    Stevie Stem Shots
    May 18 2010 09:05 AM
    I was on the Transocean Prospect next to her last trip.    :laugh:
    i think all of there ships are named bluewater in different languages steve. :laugh: