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Trustful - TT94

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  • Uploaded: Apr 22 2010 03:18 PM
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Trustful - TT94

Trustful - TT94 up on the stocks at Royal Quays marina Boatyard, North Shields, North East England on 22nd April 2010.

Billy taking on a supervisory role for the repaint - not even a sniff of a cuppa though!

#  Main Gear type :   OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
# Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
# Hull material code :  1 - Wood
# Year of Construction :  1990
# Place of Construction :  SANDHAVEN - J&G Forbes Co
# LOA :  9.90
# Tonnage GT :  10.21 T
# Engine : Cummins

Former Names:
LH405      GIRL ANN

Short video @

    How cum i always get the blame O0?? my old man told me once why have a dog if you can bark yaself ? if you had ov invited youself to our cafe de la trustful i would have got the second in command to make you wot ever you wish tea,coffee,chocolate, oxo bovril, or even summit stronger a can of coke but you never asked get ya bum down tomorrow for the launch back into the marina ok bud O0
    Well let me know what time she is going down the slipway  O0


    Steve E.

    Martin Johns
    Apr 22 2010 06:10 PM
    Have you got a new camera then Steve? One of these new fangled SLR's with HD video capability ?  O0
    aye steve gan back in about 9 in morn m8 O0
    No Ffarquhar, its a separate piece of kit - JVC Everio (120 gig hard drive), very nice size, fits in the pocket but you have to have a steady hand - as you can see, I don't  O0

    Billy, get the kettle on, I'll be down to see the launch  O0


    Steve E.
    wot happend to you 2day senoir ellwood waited all bliddy day for ya tut tut tut photographers
    Aye, called off to another job Billy - got to keep wor lass happy, shopping at the MetroCentre  O0


    Steve E.
    Looking good Billy, pity stevie boy had to go shopping or we might have seen the launch....... O0 O0
    Aye shes not looking bad at all now dogsbody thanks only got front ov wheelhouse & top ov shelter to do tomorrow then i think we will put gear back aboard and try make sum extra pennys for holidays mind il leave under the shelter to the young un while im away enjoying a bevvie or two m8 O0
    AS ANY GOOD SKIPPER WUD......................... O0 O0 O0 O0