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Isle of Lewis

Isle of Lewis

Type of ship : Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship

IMO number : 9085974
Call Sign : MVNP4
MMSI : 232002521

Gross tonnage : 6753
DWT : 867

Year of build : 1995

Flag : United Kingdom

Operator: CALMAC FERRIES LTD - Gourock

    Donald E. Meek
    Mar 10 2010 10:24 AM
    Splendid picture - wonderful background!  Donald
    HA HA HA...I was just about to say that's one for Donald and he has beat me to it !!!
    Yes he is right...FANTASTIC PHOTO Kevin !!!  :cheers:
    ...and Donald...paint this, -go on !!!

    Donald E. Meek
    Mar 10 2010 11:00 PM
    Aaah - wish I could, Debra!  I will have to think hard about these beautiful snow-covered hills.  Tiree is as flat as a pancake...and I know nothing about hills, except that they look nice.   This is one of the finest CalMac shots I have seen for a VERY long time.  Back I come to look at it...super.  Yes, you know me well!  Donald
    :whistle: No excuses now Donald...you could EASILY paint this one....such a fantastic photo....Kev with his fancy camera the lucky so and so lol :crazy2:
    ....he has taken this JUST FOR YOU TO PAINT....hills are easy...it's the boat that takes the effort....you'll manage that nae bother !!!
    Debra  :cheers: :crazy2:
    By the way Kevin...Kenny the expertly trained and qualified proffessional photgrapher.....
    (lol, he'll kill me for saying that but he does have all the bits of paper and was top in class)
    .....thinks this is a top quality photo !!!

    Donald E. Meek
    Mar 11 2010 03:02 PM
    Ah well...I must try, Debra!   :cheers: It is a truly fabulous photograph....Kevin, send this to the next issue of the CalMac Calendar - I'll give you details.  Kenny is absolutely right.  This is a stunning composition - and it is the composition that makes it utterly, utterly splendid.  Where else in the world could you see a scene like that?  Makes me feel very proud to be an islander.  Donald - a very biased Hebridean! :crazy2:  :crazy2:  :crazy2:

    Donald E. Meek
    Mar 11 2010 03:02 PM
    Sorry about the repetition, folks!  I must have double-clicked - I was so carried away by the 'Isle of Lewis'!  Don't see a pic like that too often....and I may have been a wee bitty emotional!  My age.  :cheers: Donald
    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: LOL Donald...you sooooo make me laugh ("biased hebridean")
    ...and yes indeed you are quite right...Kevin send them that photo....it deserves to be seen...BEAUTIFUL !  :cheers:
    thats a braw picture,,, cal mac wid mebey like a copy o, it hangin in there departure lounge or to go in their brochure...
    Stunning picture Kevin!  :cheers: