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Enterprise INS 11

Enterprise  INS 11

    Where's the mad shirt Kev, I think it's too dark 4 me to see it  :cheers:
    Hi Kev

    Great silhouette  :cheers:


    Steve E.
    Not yours!  Angus' shirt.....

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 16 2010 09:45 PM
    Take it this is the photo of Angus you are on about LG?

    Posted Image
    Aye that's one o the photos that's been giving me nightmares Kev ....... :whistle:  Poor Angus, I hear from a v good source that he's a Top Lad.... despite his shirts ....  :cheers:

    big fish little fish
    Jan 28 2010 03:58 AM
    thts no angus frm gairloch kev, is it?

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 28 2010 03:59 AM
    thats him aye.

    Adoration II
    Jan 28 2010 07:15 AM
    not heard from him since afore xmas is he still in land off living