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Fruitful Vine BF 240

Fruitful Vine  BF 240

    Sep 21 2009 12:28 PM
    Who is she for?O0?
    john nicol from fraserburgh, he's got the present fruitful vine

    happy haddock
    Sep 21 2009 08:28 PM
    you get some lump of steel for your money er..
    about time for you to put an order in sandy
    I have always wondered why the scottish builders have never followed the dutchmen when it comes to propellors and gear boxes. bigger propellor bigger reduction equals more bollard pull. some of them 80 foot eurocutters have 3metre props and 12 to 1 reductions and can get big towing power for less horsepower. surely this is the way forward to save fuel or is it a myth? do they burn just as much? any beamer men out there know?
    other idea nicky same as buchan strachan had on the steel brothers two eng's putting out shafts and props from each on a monohull boat two smaller props can give more bollard pull than one prop of the combined size
    think it was twin gardners he had in that boat but the bollard pull was more than an eng double the power
    this one will be some ship when shes finished, seems like a huge boat inside for her length.
    yeah jammy, you see that a lot with tugs and anchor handlers. dont know why its never caught on? maybe its the extra initial expense with doubling up. i know big reduction gearboxes carry a lot of weight and they take up a lot of room as well. I had a look aboard the admiral grenville when she was new down in plymouth and the gearbox was near enough the size of the engine! Buchans boat the brothers was some tool! I had a good yarn with him one night about her.