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Blue Sky SN 59

Blue Sky  SN 59

    Whit a bonny net
    going by the red  patches the manufacturer didnae supply ony twine or patchin along with it ...might hae to rethink the  after sales service.... ;D
    Aye its time he wis retiring fits that blue pipes his he got a hoover attached to it

    quiet waters
    Aug 27 2009 11:24 PM
    was going to ask the same question? does that contraption stand up when you are towin and allows fish and whatever into the net but stops big stones that flip up over the hoppers from going into the net? what happens next? if thats the case i'm trying to picture it in my head, stone fall back to seabed and net hop over and continue on its way or what? or am i talking shite and its another thing entirely?
    thats what they do, flip oot the stones.