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Ellorah BF 12

Ellorah  BF 12

    parkol or watties??? watties every time for me!!
    dont know they both make a good boat but if i had the choifce id get one from denmark same as that oppertunis
    very smart looking boat regardless to where she was built good luck to skipper and crew
    aye karstensens are some yard an all. the macduffers appear to be built a bit heavier than parkol. i think they look sturdier although i thought that the wooden watties always looked sturdier than the rest maybe with the exception of jones. no slur against any yard though, parkol builds have bonny lines no question.
    Fine looking boat......................... ;D ;D ;D ;D
    Nice boat
    Good write up on her by Dave Linkie in last weeks Fishing News  ;D


    Steve E.
    canna  beat a watties! ;D
    no bodge it an scarper there with there lillyput