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June 2009

    Nice angle Kev ;D

    Maret, Paravel and OBA all about to go up the slip for paint etc

    Maret getting bigger fuel tanks :D

    Kevin Munro
    Jul 10 2009 11:03 PM
    Cheers Daz, the lad from the Talisman took us up and down the river on his wee boaty te get a few photos.
    Thats either Ivor Toms or his lad Ivan, members next door as Timbers or Tomsydude, good blokes  :D

    Martin Johns
    Jul 11 2009 08:17 PM
    Neil's going to paint OBA is he Daz ? Mashfords ?
    Suppose the other two will go to Toms.
    Can't believe how few boats there are in Looe now the bigger ones are roaming around the ports up & down the coast.
    Maret will be going to Toms I expect, wheel house will be off to sort the tanks, Victor might do the paint alongside in West Looe if thats all he's doing, not sure if Neil has priced it all up yet, I expect he'll want it done up this way :D