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Lying in Penzance, June 2009

    quiet waters
    Aug 05 2009 11:32 AM
    wonder what happened to the nameplates? they were inch thick mahogany with the name and the noble's thistle engraved on them, not the kind of thing you'd scrap unless changing the name which never happened? comes a time when not giving her a paint is a false economy, but try telling that to some people.
    ochone ochone

    quiet waters
    Aug 06 2009 11:10 AM
    your alive?

    Jay Cresswell
    Aug 06 2009 01:23 PM
    A sad looking vessel ... a shame
    jay.   No it's not the vessel that's sad it the W.....r's that got her in this state that sad B.........
    Now that brings a tear tae ma een.... Unbelievable... Och och! O0
    fincutter. you are right she was a bonny boat well kept look at her now a pair of sh...  pants hanging up.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Oct 03 2009 07:50 PM
    Let's hope this is work in progress and that she can be brought to her former condition.  I haven't seen her advertised for sale so fingers crossed.  Mind you owning an old wooden boat is a real money pit and involves a lot of time and energy.  As one such person I have a deal of sympathy especially as mooring fees and insurance cost a bit before maintenance and repair.  Without having the skills or the cash to pay a craftsman a boat can soon look sad especially after years beyond the boat's normal life expectancy when built over 40 years ago.
    Why cant these muppets realise there is more to having a  new (stupid looking) wheelhouse on a classic wooden boat to make it look good .Why cant they just preserve it as it was intended to be ,instead of trying to make it into something it will never be,the man who sold this boat out Girvan after she had finished  fishing had her as near as possible back to original as he could ,he had respect for what the boat was and enjoyed it for that,Alistair cant remeber his surname..If you want a cabin cruiser go and buy one and stop fucking these old ladys up .
    Brian TT24.     Life expectancy of a boat is how she's looked after. Islander you have just said what a hell of a lot of people thinking.