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Lead Us SY144 and Osprey BF500

Lead Us SY144 and Osprey BF500

Lead Us and Osprey on the slip in Stornoway

    Heres hopin i dinna have to read the same load of old bollacks that there is with this photo on the other site.. O0
    i would say osp, had a look at the other site, i think some people are stuck in the past and are unable to move with the times.
    was there any damage ronnie
    aye jammy ...was better swapped..he says 1 blade was turned in a fair bit..think we will get a rubber prop next time... O0...what about yoursels ...towin like blazes noo ...wee your new set up...need to add in a 3rd net to slow ye in a bit...
    just as well you didnt run on for the couple of weeks till you said then ,

    oh aye she is a different boat now not just spot on but not far away hopefully get somet sorted out in the next week to get it right

    just no used to being so easy on the the handle O0

    Iain Maciver SY
    Jun 15 2009 07:30 PM
    Oh well, sorry for thinking i lived in a country where i'm allowed to have my own opinion.....if someone doesn't like it then tough sh*t!
    yes you are right ..you are allowed your own opinion as is everyone else...and my opinion was and still is ,that was a load of old bollocks  ...and as you say if anyone doesent  like  it ......tough shit !!
    if nobody built new more efficient boats we would all be stuck with ald sh*te, you have to move with the times cant be stuck in the past and be left behind. but thats just my opinion
    fit like ronnie ony sighn o a sqibee yet
    still on the west coast sandy ..winna be lang before we think about comin hame noo though...