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Spitfire - LH107

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Spitfire - LH107

Spitfire - LH107 seen here in Eyemouth Boatyard (Scotland) on 16th May 2009.

#  Main Gear type :   OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
# Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
# Hull material code :  1 - Wood
# Year of Construction :  1974
# Place of Construction :  DUNBAR
# LOA :  11.27
# Tonnage GT :  14.31 T
# Engine : Caterpillar 3306B-T

    ye old boat now
    was she the last boat built in dunbar

    Captain v.E.
    May 25 2009 09:16 PM
    No, 2nd last. Fidelis for Seahouses was built in following year.

    young ronnie
    May 25 2009 10:57 PM
    There's no many boats of that size have put in the weather yon wee ship has,or turned the coin either..some man "Fuzz"...legendary.(some sea boat as well !!)
    another "TWIN-RIGGER" that's why the job's knackered.......... :crazy2: :D

    young ronnie
    May 30 2009 11:26 PM
    That's no the one and only reason the job's the way it is nowadays clonker,it's far more complex than that....but it certainly hasnae helped things that's for sure. I suppose if you were making up a list of all the things that had done the most damage,then the twin rig would be at top of it.(I think even the twin rig men themselves would admit that).Life goes on though..the fit will survive and the rest will fall by the wayside...it was ever thus.