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Ocean Fresh

Ocean Fresh

    Hi Kev

    A few bits and bobs

    Former Names:
    1984-00 Apollo One
    1991-04 Dona Karen Marie
    1994-00 Red Sea
    1997-10 Alaskan Pilot
    2005-05 Red Sea
    2006-03 American Freedom
    2008-05 OCEAN FRESH

    Shiptype Fish Factory Ship
    IMO 8301175
    MMSI No. 259758000
    Call Sign LAEZ7
    Flag Norway (Nis)
    Port of Registry Bergen

    Owner: McHugh KL - Killybegs
    Operator: Hordafor AS - Norway

    Built: 1991-04 Tacoma Boatbuilding Co., Inc. - Tacoma, Wa Yard/hull No.: 433
    Hull Material:Steel; Hull Connections:Welded

    Length Overall 112.000
    Length (BP) 111.260
    Breadth Moulded 18.300
    Draught 7.754
    Depth 9.480
    Gross 7,568
    Net 2,270
    Deadweight 7,398
    Formula Deadweight 8,521

    2 oil engines geared to screw shafts driving 2 FP propellers
    Total Power: Mcr 1,654kW (2,248hp)
    Service Speed: 10.75kts
    Design: Caterpillar, Engine Builder: Caterpillar Tractor Co. - Peoria, Illinois
    2 x D399TA, 4 Stroke, Single Acting, Vee
    16 Cy. 159 x 203, Mcr: 827 kW (1124 hp)
    Thrusters: 1 Thwart. FP thruster (f)


    Steve E.

    Kevin Munro
    May 12 2009 09:07 AM
    Cheers Steve, she was in Ullapool processing blue whitings that the Norwegians were coming in with.
    Return of the klondykers....... O0
    haha aye that will be the day.....

    all the INCOMERS to ullapool are complaining about the noise she makes. if they dont lke it why dont the feck off back to where they came from. brought the tourits here but no still complaining.
    i your right enuff, a fleet of rusty old ruskies would sort em out O0
    now now ruaridh, dont upset the white settlers  O0  O0
    ach ill try not to...  O0

    would like to see what would have happened twenty year ago wen the loch was full of these boats and they started writtin to the news paper saying its too noisey. O0

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 05 2010 04:18 PM
    Back again this year.
    Kevin,have seen blue whiting,who in this world eats blue whiting ?

    Kevin Munro
    Apr 05 2010 06:11 PM
    Couldnt say Gavin, it mainly went for fish meal before, but the last few years more and more of it is going for human consumption.