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Hello Evyone

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 04:45 PM

hi guys and girls, i've been playing around in boats for the last 15 years am 28 years old now and im thinking of taking the plunge and buying a new boat. I have a little shrimper at the min but it isnt liscenced so just do it for my self and im thinking of buying a fast liner, however my biggest concern is weather i can make it pay. have been thinking about taking the plunge for some while but as a new comer to the industry, the  the set uyp cost has allways put me off and it will be the biggest problem the fishing industry will face when there is no new blood coming in due to the cost. just wish i was around when the liscences were given out.
Anyway, do I take the plunge and buy the fast liner?

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