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Mmo Weighs Up Options For Under-10S

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 03:53 PM

From www.fishnewseu.com


THURSDAY, 19 JANUARY 2012 10:44
THE Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has announced that it has collected and reviewed the results from the under 10 metre quota needs and stocks survey, and offers thanks to everyone who completed it. A summary will be available on their website before the end of January.
“We followed suggestions from the survey and the fishing industry to look at the monthly catch limits for cod VIId.
“The survey results showed that higher catch limits would be favoured at the start and end of the year. We did prioritise these key periods of the year which saw a short winter fishery followed by the fishery being closed during the summer months to allow for an end year fishery to take place.
The organisiation has drawn up the following three choices and is keen to hear back from fishermen by noon on January 25.
Current situation
The monthly catch limit for under-10 metre vessels fishing against the pool allocations is currently 50 kg a vessel a month.
The total allowable catch for cod VIId has been cut by 1.4 per cent so the initial allocation is estimated to be 36.8 tonnes – not taking into account any banking or penalty figures or other gains possible during the year.
Option 1
Leave the monthly catch limit at 50 kg a vessel a month for January, February and March before closing the fishery with the intention of reopening at the end of 2012.
The reopening date and monthly catch limit will depend upon uptake at the start of the year but the catch limit model estimates October, November and December at 75 to 100 kg a vessel a month.
Option 2

Increase the monthly catch limit to 100 kg a vessel a month for February, before closing the fishery at the start of March with the intention of reopening in November or December with 75 to 100 kg.
The reopening date and monthly catch limit will be dependent upon uptake at the start of the year and also any gains made during the year which may allow an earlier opening date or an increased catch limit.
A consultation would take place later in the year to decide what limits could be given for the winter season dependent upon uptake levels at the start of the year.
Please send your email detailing your preferred option back tocatchlimits@marinemenagement.org.uk

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