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#31 homeward bound

homeward bound


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Posted 25 November 2008 - 03:23 PM

talk about poacher turned gamekeeper !!!!!

#32 Barry McCrindle

Barry McCrindle


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Posted 25 November 2008 - 03:29 PM

Howard was on the Spring Watch program couple of weeks back about the closure of Lamlash, who says a leopard never changes his spots.......
I always see both sides of the argument, the one that's wrong and mine.....

#33 quiet waters

quiet waters


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Posted 26 November 2008 - 10:27 AM

thought i'd bypassed that bit of information successfully, ok so i was hoping to draw him out by saying who is that exfisherman with all this great knowledge? when exactly did he have his personality bypass? he has got a bot serious in his old age, and lost a few pounds too. it wasn't till much later to be honest that the nagging thought that i knew the face made me go back and look at it again, the firsttime i had been listening tothe words rather than looking at the face so i didn't recognise him. how disappointing to see such a change in stance, goes far beyond poacher turned gamekeeper, more like one of the krays becoming a high court judge, or josef fritzl and gary glitter presenting next years children in need!!!!!
when he hunted the sharks it was a seasonal thing, i think he may have gone as far south as the isle of man a time or two but usually restricted his search to the clyde, more often than not towing his prawn gear and waiting for a report from other boats rather than just steaming about aimlessly, he also only worked at the sharks when he had a market for the livers, sometimes he would have a market for the fins and flesh too but i don't think the flesh market was frequent enough to rely on, the fins were a more stable market. he didn't to the best of my knowledge hunt with the intention of just taking fins and dumping the rest, the liver market determined how often he bothered even looking. as for killing offf the species? i don't think he ever caught more than thirty or so in a season, some years a lot less.
in my opinion its not his history as a shark hunter that shames him, its that such a witty man has turned into a moogerin auld b ugger that is a much greater shame, but then i'm that shallow, i can forgive most things if you make me laugh. he's not the only one to jump the fence then look down his nose at those still at the coalface.
And their teeth will be blunted like lions and they will be cast away on whirlwinds and such!!!!

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