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Deadly North Sea

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#1 Guest_Steve Ellwood_*

Guest_Steve Ellwood_*
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Posted 13 February 2010 - 11:50 AM

Looks like one worth watching - see http://tv.sky.com/deadly-north-sea  and http://www.bravo.co....adly-north-sea/


Bravo: Mon 15 Feb, 9pm

Deadly North SeaGeorge Anderson heads outFrom the makers of Deadliest Catch comes this new series following the lives of a few dedicated individuals who earn a living battling the unpredictable waters of the North Sea.

The cameras have been granted unprecedented access to capture the very human stories of their struggles and triumphs.

In the rough, icy seas off the eastern coast of Britain, any worker lost overboard has only minutes to live, so here doing your job means risking your life.

From rig workers aboard oil platforms the size of a small town, to the underwater search squads tasked with uncovering stashes of drugs, recovering wrecks and completing the sad task of returning the drowned from under the waves, these pros face challenges far beyond a paper cut.

Cameras follow skipper and researcher George Anderson and marine biologist Andy Foote on the Anderson family trawler. They're attempting to document the killer whales that hunt the same catch as the area fishermen – the large shoals of mackerel and herring. The astounding size of the deadly predators makes for compelling viewing, but the equally jaw-dropping size of the huge waves also makes for a dangerous scientific expedition.


From the creator or the award-winning Deadliest Catch comes Deadly North Sea, an epic new series for 2010 on Bravo.

This is the everyday story of the unsung heroes, both men and women, who face death and danger on a daily basis as they risk their lives and try to earn a living in the cruel and merciless waters that divide Britain from the rest of Northern Europe.

The North Sea is a place where the water can be so cold you’ll die within minutes of falling into it, and where force 10 gales can turn a routine job into a life or death situation. But despite the dangers, thousands of people depend on it for their livelihoods. From coastguards to the so-called “rig pigs”, from fishermen to search and rescue teams and ferry workers to marine biologists, these people risk their lives every day as they attempt to earn a living in these dangerous waters.

This remarkable series focuses on a variety of characters as they go about their daily jobs. For the rest of us, a bad day at the office might mean losing an important file. For our friends on the North Sea, a bad day at the office could mean losing their lives.

#2 wbeedie



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Posted 13 February 2010 - 12:21 PM

Hope its not as bad as their Trawlers Rigs and Rescues which was crap
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Posted 15 February 2010 - 12:43 AM

It sounds like the same programme with a more sensational title though maybe this time they'll have worked out that Hornsea is actually 30 odd miles south of Filey rather than north of it.

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