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Boy Danny

Boy Danny

boy danny c 1975

    quiet waters
    Mar 11 2009 08:51 AM
    kind of hard to see but is that my auld neebur bill in the wheelhouse? i think he might have retired to help cathie in the sweetie shop by this time?
    i heard that Boy Danny and one or two other boats went aground together causing damage to
    Boy Danny's keel, has anyone any details of this event ?
    The Boy Danny went ashore running in to Eriskay Harbour1955/6 he went on that rock in the mouth of the harbour he was on there a tide his keel was badly damaged when he got her of he went to mallaig on to the slip she was making a lot of water she had irons put on the keel and years after I remember Willie saying  the keel was never replaced, the Boy/D was neebours with the Margret Rose at the time I am going back a long time now, Boy/D  M/Rose was following the Moira and Lady of Fatima  in to the H/bour very poor night with snow. he went on start of the epp that saved her a bit by the flood the wind had taken of which made it easyer to get her of.

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 12 2009 04:40 PM
    Arthur McFarlane bought her and renamed her Endeavour not long after this shot was taken
    Don't think he ever gave her a lick of paint ... at least not during my time ... spent two winters aboard her on the prawns plus some other periods late 70s.
    Tried pairing for herring with Paul's Village Belle III (prior to or after re-engining by Archie McCallum ... can't remember). Anyway, that was a failure. Endeavour's old Gardner had neither the inclination or the power needed
    Third member of the ship's complement when I was aboard was Paddy, Arthur's minggin' midden of a cairn terrier
    Poor wee sod never learned about scalders and often got his paws badly stung
    Then the weariest boat in the Tarbert fleet, Endeavour was dead predictable in one regard ... she leaked relentlessly coz of the legacy keel damage
    Canny Arthur was to sell her to NI some years later where a fair bit of money was spent straightening her by whoever bought her. Think it was Portavogie in 1987 or 88... got a shock when I saw her ... smart like I'd never seen before
    Was later decommissioned
    A later pic

    Jan 19 2012 03:58 PM
    sam cully  had her in portavogie  put keel in her at albert player ship yard. he fitted her out for the clams to. he sold her with in portavogie in later years.
    Willie Stewart a gentleman above gentlemen.