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TROON  MAY  1966

    This is a series of pics taken in May 1966 from an old ciny-film my father took when he was mate on the Spartan it was the last puffer load of coal to be beached at Iona a pier was built shortley after this
    great set of pictures robert some history in those
    Thanks Jammy

    young ronnie
    Mar 08 2009 06:10 PM
    Always wondered how the hold floor stood up to getting that weight dropped on it.Was it 15 or 16 tons in each wagonload or thereabouts ? Didnae take long to fill them at that rate anyway.Very good set of photos Robert.
    Hi Robert

    Great quality of shots when you consider the source - we should all be thankful for you sharing them with us  ;D


    Steve E.
    brilliant set of pictures, would love to see the film too if it ever gets transferred to video or whatever - possibly know someone who does it if you want it doing

    got a colour postcard of Spartan  unloading on Iona somewhere, will go try find it
    good pics robert  if jammy looks closer at the second pic he might see his grandfather at the bow rope