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Laurel CY 341

Laurel  CY 341

    Dear me yer nae far aff the beach there  O0
    was tihs skeets last trip or the new skippers first??

    Kevin Munro
    Mar 06 2009 09:41 PM
    Adams first trip i think.
    did you see that pic o her when brand new varnished??

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Mar 06 2009 09:43 PM
    Why do they call him skeets double j.
    huvna a clue bob
    a fkn shoulder is in sum state
    had a wee rub off a pier kevind
    al ask that auld c**t if he was 2 blame wen he is on his leave from the wind farms
    ats a fine place t be working O0 what u get towing there prawns?