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Bonny Ringer

Bonny Ringer

    pity there no info on this one george
    any idea what one or who it is
    I James the Jessie Mc Kinnon CN 196 BUILT Weatherhead Cockenzie 1948
    The Mc Dougalls in Tarbert bought her an changed her name to the Fionaghal TT106
    I was aboard her in 1966 she was sold to LH and lost at Sheep Island Easdale

    young ronnie
    Mar 06 2009 11:04 AM
    Jim Todd(Toddie)from Newhaven had her when she went ashore at Sheep.I'm sure it was thick as a dyke that day and his electrics had packed in.Hughie McIntyre used to pump that yin oot a puckle o' times at the old South pier ower the weekend when they were away hame.I wouldnae say she lecked like a herring basket,but she sure as hell wisnae ticht !!
    When she was in TT Ronnie she she was kept in great condition, but I seen her after she
    was sold and she was a bit rough looking , the clams was a sore job on the wooden boats

    young ronnie
    Mar 06 2009 11:43 AM
    Toddie did well with her,but as you say George,the clams was hellish sore on them.He put a new wheelhouse on no that long before he lost her.A bonny big skiff she was too,could toddle on wi' the 114 in her.
    If I mind right Ronnie the wheelhouse was saved and went on another boat which I think ran ashore west side Mull!

    young ronnie
    Mar 06 2009 07:46 PM
    Wis shairly the unluckiest wheelhoose ever that yin wis it no Davy ? O0 O0 Just thinking that it was maybe Dickie Toogood's Ros Guill OB 63 that got the wheelhouse...she was lost off Ardmore Point in 1974.