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Golden Spinney BF 3

Golden Spinney  BF 3

    Mar 05 2009 10:58 PM
    went to George Cowie in rothesay then was sold late 80's to newlyn still there as far as i know numbers RO 38
    good to see the admiral of the clyde Mosquito Fleet sharing his hard drive of info

    Mar 05 2009 11:05 PM
    No fleas on my vessel might smell a bit but no fleas only quality man !!
    think she has been converted to a house boat now.
    puddlejumpers first berth !
    Built for John and David John Mckenzie of Wick in 1957 at Fraserburgh Then sold to MacDuff in 1968
    www.wkboats.co.uk has her details
    while working out of Wick in mid 90s I was given a picture of her from her origional owners ,to take back to Cornwall to pass on to her Newlyn owners,she carried on till a couple of years ago