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Nobles Again cn37

Nobles Again cn37

Home for weekend after working at the prawns in the Minch

    Last time we sailed with her was from Dumbarton in Jan 82 when she took friends of our uncles, Jack Glover, with us on the Golden West to scatter Jack's ashes in Loch Goil. We had at least 16 maybe 20 on the West with the same on Nobles. It was so rough that Clyde coast guard asked us where the XXXXXXX we were going, the river was empty, we could clearly see a 1/3rd of Nobles keel coming off each wave and the West was coming out to past the raised deck, breazy didn't cover it, on the way back both boats surfed up the clyde back to the moorings in Dumbarton. Jack had owned the Myosotis, previously of WK reg, and was drowned helping raise a boat in Loch Lomond. His son, also Jack, now runs/ owns the Islay boat yard.

    I was also sad to see the state of Nobles again at Dumbarton 2 years ago and infact think she might be no more.
    The boats are bonnie when varnished petty about the blackening that always seems ti happen
    is that boy danny and harvest hope inside nobles george
    I James you are spot on
    Just posted a picture of her taken today 6-5-09 not quite so pretty.