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Nobles Again cn37

Nobles Again cn37

My Uncle's boat Nobles Again leaving Campbeltown
My first berth

    quiet waters
    Mar 02 2009 10:25 AM
    janet black who had the wee shop on the corner of high st and killean place used to tell me about her father who skippered either this boat or her sistership? her husband gordon (goga) was well known locally,we used to get the boat stores from them, he was a retired captain and delivered the ferry built at the yard which was i think the last build before the yard closed? a great pic just a pity its small, keep them coming!!!
    My uncle Sam Galbraith was skipper and part owner along with Jock Tailor & Jim Daniels
    Built by McGruer at Clynder 1949 l-r in photo  wullie (cully) Galbraith Bobby Mc Millan Duncan Galbraith
    and my uncle Sam Galbraith (skipper).
    I joined her in 1961 Tommy (tit) Ralston was skipper then.

    young ronnie
    Mar 02 2009 10:40 AM
    Would I be right in thinking that she was converted and was in Troon mid 60s as an angling boat ? There were a few of them in Troon at that time...Britannia("Sword" was the nickname of the guy who owned her),Dusky Maid(a wee Zulu),a 40ft.yawl that I cannae mind the name of,and either the Nobles or the Nobles Again(might even have been both of them)...anybody fill in the blanks ??
    She was converted and was based at Dumbarton the last time I seen her was in Rothesay
    Ihave a photo of her lying ashore at Dumbarton in a sorry state, I will try and find it.
    I should have pictures of her steaming down the Clyde on the way to spread my uncle Jacks ashes in a heavy gale.  She was in good nick then but the owner never used her she was looked after by a couple of friends in Dumbarton for a while.  Don't know what happened to the owner but she was lifted out of the water in the early 90's and has been on shore since then.  Last time I looked she has a lot of rot in her and would need some serious money spent to restore her to their former glory.  

    Sitting behind her out of the picture sunk in the river leven is the Castle Vale and the Myosotis, both where sold on by the owners who had them when we had the Golden West there and where left to sink.  Myosotis still had her K4 in her and the Castle Vale had a Foden fitted this was much to small for her and looked like a generator set in the engine room.

    Hi Allan I think the owner was from Fife if I remember, I spoke to him
    in Rothesay many years ago they were lying at the pier for the night
    I would be intersted to see any photos you have of her, the photo
    of her at Dumbarton was taken by a friend of mine a couple of years ago
    Hi George,

    Don't know about the owner coming from Fife.  My Dad Bob Colquhoun owned the Golden West and we lived in Dunfermline at the time did not know of any others from through that way that had boats in the Leven.  We knew must people who had boats in the area as my Grandfather owned a boat yard above the bridges in Dumbarton till the council took it off him to build a car park, he was dead within 6 mths.  Just spoken to the old man and he does not think it was someone from Fife but I will fry to find out.

    Will need to look through old slides.

    Thanks Allan I am sure the guy was a Jeweller and was from Fife , but maybe thinking about somebody else
    my memory is not as good as it was old age I think, speak to you again.
    Re young ronnies comment:> there was a converted old ringer lay in troon late70,s 80,s called I think "Westwinds"
    stepped deck /low gunnels old style. Remember the dusky maid :owned by Jimmy Wilson( could sit in focsle and see daylight thro upper hull planks). Steered her back from the kyles standin on a bucket as a wee lad ( once we were ootside cumbrae every time we hit a wave ah was left hingin on the wheel in mid-air till sumone put the bucket back!).
    I believe she was sold on and wrecked at cairnryan but not sure.
    I don't remember the dusky maid but have heard the name, Ithink there was a
    dusky maid in carradale away back, these old ringers turn up all over the place
    seen the artic moon in Marbella a couple of years ago