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Seine Net Nancy Glen tt10

Seine Net  Nancy Glen tt10

    Dowler was right
    theyre surely a long way frm the dhann???

    hound of the sea
    Dec 17 2009 10:14 PM
    is that rabbie with smock on,jt with witct,?

    johntar tt10
    Dec 21 2009 10:22 AM
    Horn-dog,  Charlie (in smock) and George MacMillan from Ardrishaig, George went on to skipper the R.V. Callanus (spelt rite?) and is a mine of information on here.

    hound of the sea
    Dec 21 2009 11:03 AM
    thats fine j t ,you will always need the auld boys for good info,hope your better after our fall,have good xmas ,all the best,ps, the old bangers that hungout in the fort&marine always said rabbie was the handsome one ,that was true.
    Sadly Wee George passed away this afternoon. Another of the ring net generation away.

    johntar tt10
    Dec 25 2010 08:21 AM
    Sad news Finlay, always was a gentleman and good shipmate

    young ronnie
    Dec 25 2010 01:24 PM
    A very nice man indeed,RIP George.
    Wee George's funeral is at 1.30pm today at Christchurch on Oban's esplanade. George was passionate about the fishing industry and the ring net in particular and was a mine of information on the West Coast fishing fleet in days gone bye. He had added many historically accurate comments to photos on this site and others and will be sadly missed.
    George Gentleman. R.I.P.