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Port Patrick

Port Patrick

Ringers in Port Patrick

    Barry McCrindle
    Mar 01 2009 07:05 PM
    Crackin old pictures there George  O0
    Memories are made of this. Great foto!

    Mike Craine
    Mar 04 2009 08:08 AM
    Do you think this could be a Monday afternoon, after being laid up for the weekend? People are watching as if they are about to depart for a  nights fishing, with coaches dropping of the crew.
    Great photo.
    In 1952 they were making the film Hunted  I think the crowd must have been watching them filming
    If you go in to the Port Patrick web site you will get a short video clip used in the film ,of the boats
    disharging herring, the boat coming in to the harbour is my Uncles boat the Nobles Again
    I'd guess it was a sunday Mike. No sign of life on any of the boats, I'd look for smoke coming from chimleys and boxes of stores lying at side of boats. Portpatrick was a popular destination for these old tour buses back then. Remember being there a few sundays and it was always mobbed. I'd guess there's no one could even name 10 boats there with certainty now. Only 2 I can pick out for sure are Silver Lining  BA102 and Saffron BA182. I know what the rest were but I for one can't identify them.
    Some fun if they wanted the lifeboat in a hurry.

    Jan 18 2011 11:02 PM
    think   the Queen. victoria   ba274 in among that lot.