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Wellspring CN207

Wellspring CN207

Good shot of cod aboard the Wellspring CN207 1973
John Brown and Walter Brown L-R

    quiet waters
    Mar 09 2009 09:30 AM
    think you have the date wrong by a few years frank? in 1973 me and howye john would only have been 11yrs old and still in primary 6 at dalintober!!! i know he looks a good few years older than me but your ageing us in our fifties, we didn't leave school till the summer of 78 so that would date this pic at march or april of 1979 at the earliest.

    cracking pic all the same, if its taken when i think then we missed the cod that year, by that time we would already be roon the corner for the spring and summer,i'm sure i've seen it before? and others taken at the same time, i remember those green tops, they didn't stay in fashion long, for some reason they perished quicker than the yellow and it was a few years before orange became the colour of choice, i was old skool like uncle wattie in those days, thighlength white boots and the doper, how we weren't continually soaked to the erse sitting on the rail i don't know?;D??

    Frank Stacey Jnr
    Mar 12 2009 07:59 PM
    I only put what was written on the back of the photo, i'll find out exactly when next time i'm up at JB's.

    Adoration II
    Mar 12 2009 08:18 PM
    looks braw that

    bryan DE127
    Mar 12 2009 08:43 PM
    eyery winter in the 70s/80s the first gale of wind of the sea and these bonnie cod came in by and all the boats from trawlers to gill neters got a big living sadly all in the past
    be fine takin at just off the beach

    young ronnie
    Mar 12 2009 11:11 PM
    Usually the second week of February in the early 70s saw us chasing the green fellas at Ardalanish on the Mull shore(a wee showing of the big "blackjacks" at Colonsay before that was another sign that they werenae far away)They were a couple of weeks earlier in the Passage at the back of the Reidh Eilann off Iona (the "railings" as it was known)and up to what was called the "zero peak".Dunno about Gigha...that wisnae my hame grund...over to Toon/Carradale lads for that info. PS...bonny pic and a great wee bit of nostalgia.Them days sadly are long gone and aint likely to ever return,more's the pity.

    quiet waters
    Mar 13 2009 11:47 AM
    don't know who wrote the date on the back of your pic frank but john would need to be 11yrs old if it was 73, disna take anything away from it being a great pic, makes me wish i'd recorded such events myself, i used to take my 35mm praktica to sea with me but i can only find the odd pic and none of them show such events as this, it cost me over 200 in 1979 and i was frightened of getting it wet so all my pics were of sunrises and sunsets at gigha, nice at the time tho no use historically. best pics i took with it were of the jam playing at loch lomond in 1981, only after they were developed did i see that most had bottles flying thru the air, obviously over my head thrown by the punks at the back in the direction of the mods at the front of the stage, i was oblivious to the whole thing, think the bike jacket i was wearing ensured they went over my head instead of at it!!!!

    anyone want to buy a praktica MTL3 35mm camera? one careful owner!!!

    Frank Stacey Jnr
    Mar 13 2009 08:24 PM
    I might've read it off the photo wrong, maybe 78 rather than 73? the writing was a bit faded, i've got a len o a book off Joe that i'm returning  next week so i'll solve the mystery of the date. Hopefully....QW.