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Mary McLean CN193

Mary McLean CN193

Mary McLean CN193

    has anyone any info about this boat , i know it had a long working life , is she still around ?

    My cousin,Knox Davidson was in her for a while in CN. She was bought into Portavogie and was renamed Pathway. Did she not neighbour the Nan Mc Murra.

    quiet waters
    Mar 02 2009 08:13 AM
    ducha on the right holding the bouy with shamus on the left, think that's rikki's adoration lying up in the corner? no, ducha's son in law used to have the adoration, see me, getting mixed up again!!

    i remember the old sheds, the door in the middle of the shot was the gents, stank to high heaven so it did, and the old skeegs, an adventure playground for young boys tho this is a bit before my time.
    Duncan carter on the right but I don't think thats jimmy, was still in Campbeltown in the 80's
    The Nan mc Murrar was sold Port Avogie in the 50's and named Boy Ken
    Maureen was sold to Port Avogie and named Pathway, boat lying astern is the Moira CN33
    Bobby Watters?
    Nan McMurrar was bought by Wm Palmer he called her PATHWAY.  Maureen bought by John Cully he called her BOY KEN. I saw  her not long ago in Peel bad way.

    quiet waters
    Oct 09 2009 07:55 AM
    naw bob watters, he was a neighbour of mine when i was a youngster and his daughter is a neighbour of my mother, rather sadly in fact my two kids found him dead lying outside the local swimming pool when they were quite young, they'd run outside while the wife was speaking to someone and found him lying on the ground, he'd had a heart attack after his daily swim.
    still think its shamus, duncan's brother, tho i could be assuming, they worked the boat just the two of them by time i left school in late 70's, pair of proper gentlemen

    Mar 12 2010 05:14 PM
    yes      nan mc murrar , re named, pathway , by willian, palmer and sons.  later on   his 2 sons fished till they both retired. was sold on to    ardglass, then onto   isle of man.before   they got  pathway the   had   white heather. as for     boy ken. owned  by late jonnie cully, paired with boy,s pride at herring   ringing   was maureen   before    she  came to portavogie.from   campbeltown  the wee toon as it was or still called   many   years    myself     fished out of it.
    who was considered the best builder when this boat was built. weatherhead, millers, Reekie ?
    hard one to answer maist folk would be biased ,,personally i dinny think reekie made a good lookin boat,
    nobles of broch and girvan made bonny boats,
    some weatherhead skiffs are ok, some are too bananna shaped,,
    millers ,,they made bonny boats,
    this is jist my opinion,
    others will favour differently,,