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new build

new build


    she looks some boat davie hope the wheel house is up to the owners standard ;)
    wheelhouse will have to be perfect , to match the rest of the boat , the fit out in engine room etc is the best i have seen,

    quiet waters
    Oct 19 2008 11:59 AM
    all becomes clear with a coat of paint

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Oct 19 2008 06:29 PM
    Hey Jammy hows it hanging,i thought i better register on this one.I hear this site is like a bad lads army for the scratchers and undesirables of the fishing fleet.I should fit in just dandy.The W house will be tip top,how difficult can it be to fit a VHF and paper sounder.
    it was struggle to sell the owner a paper sounder , as he  said he was too used to the rock and string he had a present,always worked well and was very reliable.
    well the tone of the place has just hit rock bottom now the two richest ppl from mallaig are both on  :;) :;)
    hope all the wires are no just wrapped together with insulating tape bob!! am sure you will still have a supplier for the paper for the sounder up there do you have indoor toilets or is it still the outside shunky hahaha
    as for scratchers were all just a few steps or sometimes a few 00000's behind you with the old boat s ogod knows where you will leave us all standing scratin our arse and pickin our noses with this fine vessel
    undesireables well that could account for any fisherman
    james, you must have me confused with someone else, being called electronics genius and rich are wasted on me ,
    well you are able ot fix my fcuk up's and you charge enough hahahahaha

    Adoration II
    Feb 23 2009 06:07 AM
    thats wit yea call a bobus bow  O0 :laugh:v fine looking boat thou no as john c would say its not a boat its a ship  O0 O0