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Sprat fleet

Sprat fleet

some of the big fleet of boats at the sprats in the Forth (1970?) lying in Newhaven

    left hand row the OLIVE LEAF, alongside her neighbour theYVONNE RISAGER.inside her is the MAY QUEEN,
    see the STRATHYRE in the next row.
    in the right hannd side row KINDRED STAR and NORTH STAR in at the pier, with fisherow boats outside them.
    blast fae the past that one..
    It must be 1967 or later,I got my first boat when I was 18 she's the varnished Kelvin launch in the middle of picture(she is now on the Union canal in Edinburgh and is called the Kelvin)The one below her is the Girl Mina which was last seen on the pier at Johnshaven

    young ronnie
    Apr 16 2010 07:01 PM
    If memory serves I would say it's 1968 guys,'69 at the very latest as I was aboard wi' the old man then,and he was neighbouring Robert "Boups" in the May Queen 2 that year with the Kittiwake.I'm no sure,but I think the previous year we went with Uncle Pete ("Moby") when he had the wee Bonnie Lass...mind of us and Pete tied thegether and dropping the pick for a quick kip up off Longannet power station 'cause there wisnae much doing during the night,but the boats swung roond on the anchor and the pair of them ended up sitting up on the top of a mud bank at daylight with the boats all towing roond aboot us..talk aboot feeling like a bunch of feckin' numpties lol..oh happy days !!!....I think that's the Fertility on the outside of the right hand tier.
    Ronnie if you can remember when I looked at that boat you were selling,I bought the Kelvin launch not long after that.
    Your probably right with 68

    young ronnie
    Apr 16 2010 07:46 PM
    Both the May Queen and the Risager have got their "new" wheelhouses on Davie,so it's no '67 as the old man had the Risager then and she still had the wee dookit on.It was actually the old man who bought the wheelhouse of one of the Fifers,and when he sold the Risager back to Uncle Pete before he fitted it he sold him the wheelhouse as well...and he used to laugh aboot in later years...he said "aye,Pete peyed me for the boat,but the bugger didnae cough up for the wheelhoose,bloody scallywag !!" many a laugh we had ower that yin !!
    any idea who the big black boat alongside the STRATHYRE is??
    would say thats FERTILITY  right enough ronnie,,
    mists of time, could be 68?? had a think about it..
    looks like PD. reg?O0?O0