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Golden West 1985

Golden West 1985

Golden West in Gairloch painted darker blue with black

    Hey Bro

    This was taken 1st trip out with new top on, so was nearer 1979, also before we changed her waterline height.

    Big Bro

    king pin R018
    Mar 02 2009 09:40 PM
    what year was she built O0 ??? ???

    Golden West was built in Fairlie 1947, Larch planks on oak frames, 18 inch centres, all fastenings brass composite (Naval Brass). Fuel tanks were white metal lined copper cylindrical. We bought her from the beach in Loch Melford in Nov 1976 to convert into a family boat, which she was dream at being. We ( My Dad, Brother and self) re-engined her and did all the conversion and hull work ourselves, so a very family run boat. Now sadly missed by all.

    She looks good there Allan I was neighbours with her when I was on the Nancy Glen
    also When I was on the Fionnaghal the Golden Venture was more or less identical
    she neighboured the Marie
    Thanks George

    Yes the Venture was owned by a friend of ours when we had the West, same original engines 114 Garners with 2:1 boxes. The West was one plank higher than the Venture and had more headroom throughout, the West also originally had an offset wheelhouse.

    Nice boats both, it was good to sail the two together as we did on many occasions. I will post a picture of the Venture soon taken from the West when going home one night in the 80's, so look out for it soon as there are no pictures of her on this site that i have found.

    Golden west was BA 247  &  Golden Venture BA 274 Same Numbers
    Thanks for that George, didn't realise that, I remember the 1st time I saw the Venture, bought from Girvin by Charlie Woods from Dumbarton, on the slip there having been run aground and having damaged around 5 planks from the keel up, no/ little damage to keel though.
    Purely by chance my Dad bought the West from Loch Melford about 6 months later, only then did we realise they were sister boats. Charlie towed the West back to Tarbert in Easter of 77 from Ardrishage with the Venture as she had no power at that time. Will post up the picture I mentioned soon.