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Crinan Catriona TT24 Brilliant Star SH117

Crinan  Catriona TT24  Brilliant Star SH117

Florentine CN74 astern of Catriona TT24 (Golden View PD184/ Harmony TT24 ) alongside Brilliant Star SH117. At Crinan, any names of other boats?

    Old Harmony outside BS possibly the Harvest Queen  to right of BS wheelhouse Ex BA Silver Fern or Lining astern of BS. All just guesses Brian!

    johntar tt10
    Feb 21 2009 08:45 AM
    Thats the Silver Fern right enough D was CN261, god yer good, would say that was Shemaron outside Harmony with the big tripod, and stern of Tudor Rose just showing.
    Would that be when Kenny Renton was in command of BS?
    Think that would be right JT Paul would have been on BL.