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HMS Example - P165

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HMS Example - P165

HMS Example - P165 seen here  on 10th May 2008 taking part in a Territorial Army 100th birthday celebration at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge - Tyne (North East England).

HMS Example - P165 is an Archer-class patrol and training vessel of the British Royal Navy, based at HMS Calliope in Gateshead, England. She is the first ship to bear her name. See their web site @ http://www.royal-nav...r/show/nav.2970

Displacement: 54 tonnes
Length: 20m
Beam: 5.8m
Draught: 1.9m
Complement: 17 (5 permanent Ship's Company)
Top Speed: Batch 1:-20kts Batch 2:- 24kts
Range: 550 nm at 15knots
Propulsion: Batch 1 Batch 2 2 Perkins (RR) CV12 Turbo Diesels 2 MTU V12 Diesels (Raider & Tracker)