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Smit Dee

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Smit Dee

Smit Dee caught here as she is outbound from the Port of Blyth (North East England) on 13th May 2008. Photographed from Blyth Quayside.

Year of build : 2003 - 2003-03 FBM Babcock Marine Ltd. - Rosyth Yard/hull No.: 2215
Hull Material:Aluminium Alloy; Hull Connections:Welded; Decks:1 dk

Owner: Royal Bank Leasing Ltd - Edinburgh
Ship Manager: Smit International Scotland

3 oil engines with clutches & single reduction reverse geared to screw shafts driving 2 FP propellers at 840 rpm driving 1 Water jet at 840 rpm
Total Power: Mcr 1,305kW (1,775hp)
Service Speed: 20.00kts

She is a Training Vessel (Rescue) used by the Royal Air Force as an aircrew support training vessel and is still in service working with RAF Boulmer, Lossiemouth, Lucas, Leamming and Kinloss.