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Catching sprats without leaving harbour

Catching sprats without leaving harbour

Euphemia LH29 and Gloaming LH14 catching sprats in Leith Docks in 1954

    young ronnie
    Feb 08 2009 11:14 AM
    I can remember my old man mentioning this Davy.I didnae see this photo before I posted on your other one or I wouldnae have needed tae ask who was the Euphemia's neebur! A cracker of a pic that's for sure.

    homeward bound
    Feb 08 2009 09:18 PM
    thats nothing ronnie, was in a pub friday night there was herring , sprats , a cod fishing , ponds full of prawns, artics full of scallops  , mair queenies than you could work with, all in decca  nae gps, no bad weather, no  torn nets , guid weather ,top prices   and that was in the bar ..  **** knows what was doing in the lounge !!!!!!! ;D

    young ronnie
    Feb 08 2009 10:47 PM
    There was never a mair productive fishing ground than a bar.Didnae matter what bar it was they were aye sea deep roond aboot it  ;D ;D
    appx, 1960, the boats were shooting inside rosyth harbour,alonside destroyers etc, then towing to just outside and hauling for good hauls of sprats the harbour was full from top to bottom,
    after about1/4hr the police patrol boat arrived and chased the boats ,told on no uncertain terms no to come back,,