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ring net

ring net

always handy to have a ring net kicking round the shed

    what size is that ring-net

    bryan DE127
    Mar 23 2009 04:13 PM
    aye Frank what you keep in a store we got gear that will never see the sea ageing  cod nets lines red fish nets full set of prawn trawl gear and we gave the winch away. dump half the shite and get a smaller store . but you cant say you will never be back at some job.

    Mar 23 2009 07:59 PM
    aye bryan isn`t it funny though all the gear i`ve got rid off or given away or destructed i`ve always landed up having to replace it .10yrs ago i stripped all the dog gear for the ropes-swore never again to shoot gillnets-what`s frankie up to at the moment in his spare time? stripping salmon nets and rigging them for dogs ;)-probably not be long and they`ll give us the salmon back- then we`ll be stripping something else for the ropes!

    Mar 23 2009 08:01 PM
    jamsie-can`t mind how many score this one is but it`s one of the deep ones.