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campbeltown fishermans football team

campbeltown fishermans football team

back row l-r:-laurence robertson,stewart anderson,john mcphee,george collett,roy mckinven,robert mcgougan,cambell mcbrayne,davie paterson.front row l-r:-douglas shaw,gus mceachran,john mcdonald,davie mcwhirter,tommy finn,henry sillars.picture taken at carradale football pitch 1978

    some heed o hair ma fethers got hahahaahah lol

    DCI paterson
    Feb 08 2009 01:10 PM
    think the only ones that have the same hair nowadays wid be tommy,collett and henry sillars.the rest are gettin gie sparse.

    quiet waters
    Feb 09 2009 12:35 AM
    better watch oot the trade descriptions authority don't get ye, half oh them were never fishermen and maist of them coona play fitba, tommy, john noon and campbell mcbrayne oh the fishermen could play a bit and the immortal hendry "peru" sillers is still playing at the age of 63, the rest? naw naw naw,  fee and kecka were enthousiastic, wee davie quirtie likewise, the rest? put it this way, maist oh the rest were in the team because they were drinking buddies of someone else, roy the boy, was just a big daftie, even if he is my wife's uncle, and as for the pair on the left side of the front row? i worked with them, i would have just left school when this was taken and duggie and sna ba could never be described as footballers, i played many a game with most of them, be it the field at the head of the pier in gigha of an evening or the quarry green after signing on when the weather kept us in,  as fitba players maist of the back row made good bouncers on a friday night when we used to get them to keep the riffraff in check in the vic,
    bit of soorgrapes seeing as i only ever got to play for this team once, against southend, scored a hattrick, never got asked again, there were even less fishermen in that team i remember and i was too short, in height and eyesight, being only 5ft tall till i was about 19 and blin withoot my specs. schmout and sna in a football team, now i've seen everything, dear oh dear!!!
    oh and its lawrence naw wee mac on the left at the back, his two boys were naw bad players for glenside.