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new venture launching

new venture launching

taken in peterhead in the early 70s.pictured are my father davie paterson and grandfather jeff bridge.

    I can remember her arriving into Carradale for the first time. I think she neighboured the Silver Fern II for a short spell before the Stella Maris III arrived.
    that looks like peterhead to me not aberdeen ;D ;D

    DCI paterson
    Feb 08 2009 01:04 PM
    ;D for you ma man.well spotted mistake.thats it sorted out.ta.

    quiet waters
    Feb 09 2009 12:46 AM
    just as i remember him, my mother used to curse him as he'd taught me to play the harmonica at new year 1970, not long after we'd moved to where my mother still lives, he gave me a moothie which was never oot my mooth, day and night, long before the days of game consoles and even years before kids had tv in their bedrooms like today so i'd spend hours lying on my bed practising on the moothie, i've no proof but it disappeared from the ledge above my bunk a lot of years later, ten or more, i always suspected one of the two kid on footballers from another pic. never did find one good enough to replace it, even to this day tho i do keep a look out at ebay and drop hints to the wife every year at xmas.
    as for jeff, he still never ages, looks just the same last time i met him.