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seen on Buckie slip about ten years ago
she belonged to Keith Schellenberg (the man that owned Eigg)
does anybody know where she is now or anything about her past life

    young ronnie
    Feb 09 2009 10:43 PM
    The post on Trawlerphotos by Aliswood gave her name as Surprise right enough not Sunrise....It was just yours truly who mis-read it....ooops sorrreeeee ;D

    Aug 16 2009 11:26 AM
    I believe this vessel is now laid up in Macduff, Banffshire, Scotland. I came across this vessel while in Scotland in Oct 2008 and have since been gathering more information relating to this vessel than when I saw it. After looking at the photo's I took I began to realise that it was a motorised Zulu, at the time I didn't know the name of the vessel, but have since had it confirmed as Hirta through research done on the net.

    Hirta is in need of major restoration at this time, she is high and dry, minus any superstructure and is in a very sad way indeed, I suspect that much of the timber work might need replacement, but without a proper survey it is hard to say what her exact condition is, it would be a great pity to see this vessel scrapped, I live in hope that she will find an owner that is prepared to give her some much needed TLC in the near future.  

    Capt Malahide, Brisbane, Australia
    Current photograph of her @ http://www.trawlerph...php?photo=77683


    Steve E.